There is a movement afoot on the right to embrace tactics the left embraces in public, namely harassing politicians, chasing them out of restaurants, and otherwise engaging in mob like tactics. But there is a problem with this and I think conservatives, particularly faith based conservatives, need to avoid these tactics. I think the embrace of movements on the right that behave like Antifa and the “they started it” motto need to be shunned. And the reason is very simple.

The progressive left behaves this way out of despair. They would never say it that way or think of it that way, but the underlying premise of the progressive left is an atheist secularism that posits that this world is as good as it is going to get. So their struggle is to bring about heaven on earth because they don’t believe it will ever get any better. And frankly, for them, it won’t.

But for faith oriented conservatives, we need to reject the politics of despair because we have the hope of the resurrection. We should not mimic the tactics and strategies of those who reject the resurrection, but rather we should present an alternative to it.

I’m reminded of Lazarus, I passage I spoke on in Texas last weekend. When scripture says that Jesus “was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly troubled” (John 11:33), it means that Jesus grew angry or indignant at the affects of the fallen world on his flock, but also at those who were driven into despair because despair precludes the hope of the resurrection.

We need to remember this.

When conservatives are storming building and trying to shut up politicians to silence the other side, as Antifa does, or when it chases politicians from restaurants are shows up at their homes, or when it decides to throw punches at Antifa not out of self-defense, but out of behaving like Antifa, we are not only escalating what the left does, but we are embracing a strategy and tactic whose underlying premises are anathema to anyone who believes in eternity.

There are better ways. There are the ways of the happy warrior who is willing to highlight those strategies of despair and turn it on those who despair by showing their ways do not lead to community. There are the ways of the conservative who focuses on the welfare of their local community. There are the ways of the Christian who persuades and argues in defense of his ideas like Paul at Athens.

The simple fact is that if you are a person of faith, you are a person of faith 24/7/365, not just on Sunday. You cannot behave like the godless, secular, atheist in despair of grave and you cannot and should not cheer on those who behave like that.

We have something better and we should behave like it instead of thinking their mob justifies ours.