The Associated Press ran a story on October 9 about “pending voters” claiming that 53,000 voters have been placed on a “pending voter” file in Georgia because of a law called “exact match.” That law requires voters to exactly match their drivers license on their voter registration information.

The Associated Press interviewed one such voter on the pending voter file named Marsha Appling-Nunez. The Associated Press claimed the lady was a “pending voter” because of the hyphen in her name.

Georgia’s Secretary of State came on the radio with me this afternoon to review his office’s findings. It turns out Marsha Appling-Nunez is an active voter, not a pending voter. Ms Appling-Nunez’s “pending voter” designation applies to her new registration. She is a pre-existing active voter and can vote on November 6th.

But there is more. There are not 53,000 pending voters. There are just over 75,000 voters. Here’s how they break down.

9,224 are ‘pending’ because the person is 17.5

2,935 used a fake address

3,393 are ‘pending’ because citizenship could not be verified

5,842 are ‘pending’ because they match another active voter file

After you remove underage, fake addresses, duplicates, and non-citizens, you have roughly 46,000 ‘pending’ on the list.

75% are on the list because they failed Social Security Number verification, a process put in place under the Obama Administration.

Now, here’s the kicker. 23% of these were submitted by the New Georgia Project, the non-profit set up by Stacey Abrams. Those 23% have been pending since 2014, which means 11,024 pending voters have never shown up at a Board of Elections office anywhere in Georgia or at a voting precinct. Also, 1,323 or3% match a recently cancelled voter registration record, meaning the voter died, was convicted or pled guilty to committing a felony, or turned out to be a non-citizen.

In other words, 75% of the voters didn’t put down an accurate social security number and 23% came from a registration drive conducted by Stacey Abrams in 2014 and none of those voters have ever followed up to fix the paperwork.