Senate Republicans Must Confirm Brett Kavanaugh Now


Christine Blasey Ford made for a strong witness before the United States Senate. She came across as compelling and sympathetic. It seems clear something happened to her at some point in her life. But Rachel Mitchell performed masterfully yesterday exposing the action against Brett Kavanaugh as a leftwing character assassination.

  • Questioning Ford, Mitchell established that Ford’s legal team:
  • Did not tell Ford the Senate would come to her.
  • Misrepresented the need for a delay based on Ford’s fear of flying.
  • Covered the cost of Ford’s polygraph, which is highly unusual.
  • Came into Ford’s orbit at the suggestion of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Additionally, Mitchell established that Ford had no witnesses to support her and that even Ford’s friend had no memory of the situation. On top of that, Ford herself repeatedly contradicted her own memory while claiming her memory was firm on the details of Brett Kavanaugh.

When Ford was done, she had no evidence to back her claims, no witnesses to back her claims, and had repeatedly contradicted herself.

This was all before Brett Kavanaugh took center stage and capably defended himself from the ruthless and gross character assassination attempt the Democrats had carried out.

Now we have an innocent man with all the facts, evidence, and witnesses on his side. Senate Republicans must support him or, as Lindsey Graham noted, this will be the beginning of even worse character assassination attempts.

If Republican Senators cannot stand up for this innocent man, they will demoralize the Republican base. Any Republican Senator who votes against Kavanaugh is declaring their support for Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader.

The Kavanaugh confirmation has become a hill to die on. The GOP must stand up and be heard. We will not allow Democrats to engage in willful, choreographed character assassination attempts against good, innocent people.

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