Meet the Accuser in Private, If At All


A man faces accusations from a woman that he did something indecent in high school once. Democrats are playing a high stakes game on this single accusation from a woman whose financial giving, though small, suggests Democrat ties and more likely than not hostilities to the perceived positions of the nominee.

I do not think Republicans should give a single accuser of a three decades old claim from high school a public viewing. But they also cannot afford politically to absolutely dismiss her claims. Instead, they should be willing to meet privately with the accuser and with Kavanaugh and make a judgment as to credibility.

If a single accuser can come forward and claim foul conduct from high school thirty-five years prior as disqualifying with no corroborating evidence, most anyone would fail to meet the burden. The Democrats, we can be sure from their support of people like Beto O’Rourke and Ted Kennedy and Keith Ellison, are using this to try to prevent a conservative from getting on the Court. If it were not a Supreme Court nomination, we can presume the Democrats too would be hard pressed to treat such a claim as viable. In fact, that they held on to it for two months and did nothing with it suggests they too treated it with little regard except to its potency to weaponize a constituency against Kavanaugh.

Republicans should not set the precedent of allowing a single claim from thirty-five years ago to get maximum exposure. Meet with the accuser privately, if at all, and allow Judge Kavanaugh to respond privately as well.

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