Maybe the Hardy Boys or Sherlock Holmes Can Investigate the Kavanaugh Accusation


Just the other day, Professor Ford’s lawyer said on television that Ford looked forward to being able to share what happened to her. Now they are demanding the FBI investigate a purported sexual assault that is outside the jurisdiction of the FBI instead of testifying before the Senate. Perhaps the Hardy Boys or Sherlock Holmes could investigation as fictional detectives might do a better job investigating fictional claims.

Perhaps Ford was sexually assaulted in high school. But it is fictional and false to say Brett Kavanaugh did it. And it is horrific for so many on the left to demand he step aside as if he is guilty then raise holy hell with others, myself included, say we do not find the claim credible and believe it false.

It is not just us. The Democrats did not find it credible either. They held on to it for months. If they really believed Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted someone, they would not have done that. They would have been public early.

I likewise find it incredulous that a highly educated college professor would self-report to the Washington Post via a tip line, notify Dianne Feinstein, then believe miraculously that somehow she could be kept secreted away from everyone, never having to actually say anything. But she also thought she better line up a polygraph!

This entire effort is a hit job to assassinate the character of a good and decent man so Democrats can keep killing kids. Ford and her lawyers are following right along with the Democrat playbook. Nothing has deviated from the playbook of false accusations. They will spend this week trying to find someone to claim they are a witness or another victim. They’ll work to line up stories. And if that all fails, they will move on to attacking Brett Kavanaugh’s high school as a depraved, drunken culture of assault and abuse.

Spare me the “we must believe her because trauma from sexual assault can do this” claims. If trauma from sexual assault can do this (and it can, by the way), then everyone already treating Kavanaugh as if he did it should back up and reconsider that the professor’s memory could be playing tricks on her. It is possible she was assaulted and pulled Kavanaugh’s name into it during therapy because his name had been cropping up in the media as a potential Mitt Romney Supreme Court pick.

But high school men, and they are if this happened when he was a senior, do not grow out of this sort of behavior. It may move to other things, but the character trait never goes away. And the people who have known Brett Kavanaugh the longest and best say this is outside his character. He has thirty years of professional conduct where this did not manifest itself. He did not do this.

I will not sit by and let a group of abortion activists destroy a good man so they can keep destroying kids. The accusation is serious. It is not credible and I am not going to treat it as such while a group of people both condemn a man and refuse to allow him his right to face his accuser in the public.

On top of this all, what the Democrats are doing is weaponizing the entirety of the MeToo culture and destroying its credibility to destroy Kavanaugh. There are real victims who really will be traumatized by this. They will believe the hype. They will believe the lies. And they will not come forward. But their trauma is all secondary to destroying Kavanaugh solely because Democrats believe he might be a vote against Roe.

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