The death toll in Puerto Rico is several thousand. President Trump is wrong to dismiss the dead. He is wrong to tell loved ones of the dead that their dead do not count. Thousands of people died in the aftermath of the hurricane due to lack of power, lack of clean water, etc. It all followed from the hurricane and is directly related thereto.

But here’s the part that will get you mad.

If the media hadn’t been on a witch hunt to pin the dead on Donald Trump, he would not have tweeted what he tweeted rejecting that death total. The fact is the Puerto Rican state is bankrupt and many of his politicians are deeply corrupt. While the federal government could have done a better job, the corrupt, waste, and incompetence in Puerto Rico was the overwhelming factor in lives lost.

After all, in the now famous picture of the water bottles, those bottles of water got delivered to Puerto Rico. But Puerto Rico did not distribute them. That was not Donald Trump’s fault.

In the run up to Hurricane Florence, most major media outlets have decided to relitigate Hurricane Maria and make it all about Trump.

The President should not have tweeted what he did. But I think the media needs to do a better job of avoiding making every story about Donald Trump. There is and has been a very real bias against the President in relation to this storm at the expense of pointing out the corruption and incompetence of the people on the ground working on behalf of the Puerto Rican government.

Not everything is Donald Trump’s fault and when the media tries to make it his fault, he gets defensive and will deny facts to avoid media accusations. While his behavior is unhelpful in that regard, the media witch hunt is unhelpful as well.