Dear Democrats, Please Learn This One Lesson From Our Mistakes


This is an interesting read in the Washington Post about Hollywood liberals wanting to flip the House. There is this interesting tidbit along the way:

“We’re raising presidential-election-level dollars to take back the House,” said Andy Spahn, a political adviser to some of Hollywood’s biggest donors.

But the giving is causing concern among some Democratic strategists, who privately worry that the money is being splintered between individual candidates and “resistance” groups rather than the major party committees and PACs, limiting their ability to combat well-funded GOP groups.

Now, to be sure, part of the concern is self-serving. Democratic strategists worry that Democrats are giving money to the other strategists. That’s fair. But there is some truth to that.

In 2010 and 2014, the Republican waves were so big that even some of the worst conservative grifters were able to claim credit. They weaseled their way into the pockets of millionaire and billionaire donors and built even bigger, more corrupt organizations where they got rich and candidates got nothing.

What we are going to see this year is a big Democrat wave in the House and a lot of people are going to take credit for it. A lot of people are going to claim it was their issue that did it. The gun control groups will want to own the win. The gay rights activists will want to own the win. The abortion lobby will want to own the win. The racial equality groups will want to own the win. When really Donald Trump will own the win for the Democrats. It will be a rejection of him, not advocacy for any individual issue, that wins the House for the Democrats if they win it.

In 2010 and 2014, it was really a rejection of the incumbent party that put the GOP across the line first. But consultants took credit for their careful micro-targeting, their last minute ads, their single issue that got 1000 people to show up in Precinct 1 of somewhere you’ve never heard of, etc. Really, it was voters rejecting Democrats.

Nonetheless, the special grifters were able to parlay a Republican win into a fortune and access to donors to waste more of their money.

This will happen to and is already happening to the Democrats in 2018.

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