The media is obsessed with President Trump’s attacks on the justice system. “Critics fear Trump’s attacks are doing lasting damage to the justice system,” read the headline on the Washington Post’s website. But the media willfully ignores the Democrats’ campaign to delegitimize our entire constitutional structure.

Consider the Merrick Garland situation and the Democrats still convinced Neil Gorsuch “stole” his seat. Through their rhetoric, they have convinced a large segment of the population that the Senate must confirm whoever the President nominates, which is not true. They willfully sought to advance talking points to make what McConnell did seem illegitimate, unconstitutional, and never before done. They willfully ignored the history of prior Senates, including with Joe Biden at the helm of the Judiciary Committee, refusing to consider judges during elections.

Likewise, with Kavanaugh, now the Democrats are convinced because the President is mired in scandal no judges can advance. They willfully ignore Democrat attempts to push forward nominations and laws while Bill Clinton was mired in scandal and impeachment.

In fact, the way our system works the President is President whether in scandal or in impeachment proceedings. He is lawfully elected and this scandal or, in the worst case scenario, his removal from office does not suddenly render his appointments and signature on previously enacted laws somehow null and void. The system is designed to continue regardless of the President’s scandal and good appointments and laws should not be halted because of those scandals.

Essentially, the Democrats’ arguments amount to a belief in an executive that that does not actually exist in our American constitutional system. There are multiple branches of government and the President, having met his obligations on nominating someone, is now removed from that process. To cast doubts on Kavanaugh before the Senate is to cast doubts on the legitimacy of our constitutional system, not just on the President.

Democrat rhetoric and arguments would have you believe that everything done since January 20, 2017, is illegitimate because they hate the President. But it goes beyond that.

Democrats are likewise pushing the notion that the Senate is an affront to democracy. They are pushing the idea that House Republicans are an affront to democracy. They hate how districts are drawn, so they must be illegitimate. They hate that individual states have representation in the Senate, so it must be illegitimate. The Democrats are increasingly vocal in their disdain for our American constitutional system. They are increasingly vocal in their disdain for how the Senate works. They are increasingly vocal in their disdain for not getting their way on a host of issues.

In their vocal disdain, they seek to delegitimize our constitutional systems and structures. The media gives them a pass on that while focusing on the President’s rhetoric. But the Democrats have already provoked James Hodgkinson to take matters into his own hands with their campaign of delegitimization. If we are going to talk about the President’s attacks on the justice system, we absolutely must talk about the Democrats’ attacks on our very constitutional system.