President Trump made a solid pick in his choice of Brett Kavanaugh for the United States Supreme Court. Kavanaugh was not my top choice, and I do not think he is as Clarence Thomas like in his conservatism as some claim, but he will be to the right of Kennedy and another in a long list of sharp legal minds on the Court.

In fact, it is rare to see a judge elevated to the Supreme Court who has so influenced the Supreme Court. Both liberal and conservative justices on the Court have heeded Kavanaugh’s opinions from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. That’s the sign of a great legal mind, whether or not you agree with Kavanaugh on any one decision. He is likewise highly regarded already by his future colleagues and others, including on the left, even though everyone recognizes he is on the right.

I say “future colleagues” intentionally because what happens next is Kavanaugh is going to get confirmed. But between now and his confirmation vote, there will be a grand and elaborate kabuki theater of pretend drama.

Democrats will claim to need more time to vet Kavanaugh, though they have already come out against him and declared their minds made up.

Republicans will first humor the Democrats’ request for more information, but will eventually declare the Democrats are stalling.

Democrats will use allies in the press to run salacious stories selectively excerpting and mendaciously describing Kavanaugh opinions. Democrat groups will fundraise off all this. The Democrat base will take to the streets. The Women’s March organizers, who sent out their press release with “XX” as the name of the nominee indicating they wrote it in advance, will take to the streets.

Then the red garments will come out as Democrats march in Handmaid’s Tale outfits claiming Donald Trump and all the men on the Supreme Court will impose the Republic of Gilead on us, and women will be forced into homes and out of jobs.

Republicans will mock this and feminists will get angry at the deserved mockery. I’ll make a coat hanger joke and be subjected to the “we respected you once” tweets from liberals who won’t unfollow me.

Democrats will go through a dog and pony show in the Judiciary Committee where they ask tough questions of Kavanaugh to give them material for their 2020 runs. Kavanaugh will pretend to attempt serious answers and Democrats will pretend to not be reading their scripts getting ready for their next question while Kavanaugh talks.

Then they’ll all denounce him again, say they won’t vote for him, and demand delays while they fundraise.

And then… Kavanaugh will get more than 50 votes to be the next Supreme Court Justice. He’ll be confirmed.

Everything between now and then will be about exciting the bases of the parties for November and Democrats auditioning for 2020. But Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and the confirmation will happen before the Supreme Court convenes again.