The President’s character still weighs on me. The willingness of his supporters to turn a blind eye to his bad behavior weighs on me. The man cheated on his pregnant third wife with a porn star and the few who aren’t still denying it are essentially taking the position that it’s pretty cool to be able to have a fling with a porn star.

But for all the problems I have with the President at a personal level, his policies have been mostly good. Tariffs are going to wreck the economy, but the tax cuts were great. Tariffs are terrible, but the President’s judicial picks have been stellar. Brett Kavanaugh is going to be awesome. President Trump’s aggressive push to roll back the regulatory state is proceeding at a pace I did not expect and that I think is perfect.

With the exception of trade policy, the President does seem to be listening to good people. But every time I think I should just come out and fully support him, he does something, and I take a step back.

I have to be honest, though, I see a tendency more and more on the left to not care even for reasonable dissent on the right against the President. If you embrace any part of the Trump agenda, you might as well be a white supremacist, racist, bigot, Trump deplorable, according to a growing number of voices on the left. In fact, as much as I think some prominent evangelicals and Republicans have lost their minds over Trump, I think even more on the left have done so to a dangerous, censorious level.

I am far more concerned about that these days than I am the President’s behavior. No, it was not good that the President is meeting with a man who kills journalists and is himself attacking the press. It is also not good to see so many Republicans suddenly become pro-Putin.

But the President has been attacking the press for two years, and the media has been running and retracting an embarrassing number of stories over the past two years. It doesn’t make the President’s attacks right, but it certainly makes it easier for his attacks to resonate.

Meanwhile, progressive activists are showing up a people’s houses — something I am particularly sensitive to because Trump supporters did it to my family. The liberal activists are chasing people out of restaurants and harassing people in public over public policy differences. They promise to escalate and expand their agitation.

The left is ascribing morality to various public policies while threatening and chasing out of business the Christian small businesses and adoption agencies that have their own moral views and just want to live up to them.

The outright and growing hostility from the left towards anyone who disagrees with them is far more concerning to me than the President’s temper tantrums. The fact that so many on the left are losing the ability to distinguish between conservatives who didn’t vote for the President, but agree with some of his policies, and his supporters, make me want to step right up to the President in as much as the President sometimes makes me want to step away.

Increasingly, I am thinking something I have not really seriously considered before. I can see myself voting for Trump in 2020, though I’m not there yet. The Trump we all know has lots of problems, but he is also a known quantity now, warts and all. The left that would replace him is also a known quantity, and they are far, far less willing to let conservative Christians like me enter the public square than the President is willing to try to stop the left from entering the public square.

In fact, it seems one of the chief problems today is that the left believes more and more it has a monopoly on the news and entertainment and is far less willing to let a conservative be heard or seen. The hysteria over conservative op-eds at the New York Times etc. is only going to grow.

I never thought I would head in the direction in which I seem to be headed, but at least for now I’m starting to think I’d rather another chaotic term for Trump than a Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren Presidency and all that would entail.

For now, however, I think it is absolutely vital for conservatives in my shoes, who remain skeptical of the President, some of his policies, and his character to show up in November and vote Republican. To do otherwise will convince progressive radicals that the arc of history is bending toward them because they went lower than the lows of which they accuse Trump. That’ll be very bad for all of us.