Evil Preaches Tolerance Till Dominant. Then It Seeks to Silence Good.


The Dean of the School of Journalism at the University of Georgia is in hot water. He tweeted out that he grew up with Georgia’s Republican gubernatorial nominee, Brian Kemp, and “politics be damned” he knows Kemp is a good guy.

The forces of Mordor sprang into action and dragged the Dean through the mud, vilifying him for liking a Republican. The Dean, you see, is white so of course a racist would get along with a white guy. At least that is what the Twitter trolls declared. It was bad enough he had to apologize and claim he’d been (re)educated instead of doubling down to defend decency above politics.

Likewise, at the University of Virginia, conservatives are having to act to defend Marc Short, who is taking up a fellowship at the University of Virginia following his departure from the White House. Leftwing activist faculty members and students are in an uproar that they might have to share their campus with one man they’ve never met.

This comes a couple of months after Sarah Sanders got thrown out of a restaurant for working for President Trump.

Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant and then it seeks to silence good. What we are witnessing here is an evil — it is the evil of isolation. The zealots believe that we must all become isolated from each other and one way to do that is to treat politics as religion. Instead of burning the heretics, they must be shunned or re-educated.

We are seeing a breakdown of community in the United States and this is part of it. Secular progressives want to isolate Christian conservatives and keep them from polite society, but they also want to isolate themselves from those with whom they have policy disagreements. By treating those disagreements as matters of faith and doctrine, they give moral conviction to their intolerance and to their demands for isolation.

People do not think of this as evil, but it is. It is a willful demand for isolation from anything that makes one uncomfortable. But it is that discomfort and finding ways to build community around it and through it that breeds actual tolerance of each other.

By isolating themselves from Marc Short, the liberals at the University of Virginia can treat themselves as morally superior without ever having to see Short as a person or ever having to get to know him. They are turning their university into a cultural bubble and breaking down community. They are increasing their own isolation and that of others through bullying and mob like tactics and that is evil.

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