Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, should be fired. He stood before the nation yesterday and tried to downplay any and all concerns about impropriety at the FBI instead of exercising real leadership and taking ownership of the issues. He should be fired.
Thanks to an Inspector General report, we now know James Comey deserved to be fired and President Trump’s only mistake was not firing Comey sooner. James Comey ran a deeply incompetent and corrupt organization. Agents were taking bribes from reporters for leaks. Agents were sleeping with each other and exchanging information. And partisans within the organization were most definitely making partisan decisions, including attributing benevolent motives to Hillary Clinton and sinister motives to Donald Trump based only on their own partisan inclinations.
In fact, the Inspector General’s assurance that partisanship did not affect the outcome of any investigation seems more to reassure himself than the public. In one key excerpt, the Inspector General notes that Peter Strzok told his mistress that he’d stop Donald Trump from becoming President. But then the Inspector General concludes that most of the text messages related to that were connected to the Russia investigation outside the scope of the IG investigation.
It sounds like we need an IG investigation into the Russia probe to conclude this matter.
What we know for certain is that there is no elaborate deep state conspiracy to get Donald Trump. Actually, for all his bluster about taking out Trump, Strzok also lamented the Department of Justice suffering Stockholm Syndrome in relation to the Clintons and he wanted a tougher investigation and grand jury probe of Clinton.
No, there is no conspiracy. There is no coup. There is incompetence, corruption, and partisan hackery all the way down. FBI agents involved in the Clinton investigation revealed themselves to be sympathetic to her, contemptuous of Trump voters, and ready to leak to any reporter who could get them on a golf course or into a nice restaurant. The atmosphere was not professional, but frat like.
James Comey ran a Federal Bureau of Incompetence. He deserved to be fired. Donald Trump was right.