Eric Greitens is a sociopath who needs to be thrown out of office for his monstrous, criminal behavior. But some Republicans seem to want to stand by their man. They have a new reason, however, to toss Greitens. He may cost the GOP the Senate.

Claire McCaskill is often rated the most vulnerable Democrat, but she is being helped by Eric Greitens, the Missouri Governor, who refuses to resign over monstrous behavior. Greitens has been charged with felonies and the Missouri legislature is considering impeaching him. Every day he stays is a day McCaskill can tie the GOP to him in Missouri. The GOP has a real shot at taking that seat to offset an expected loss in Nevada. But Greitens is weighing down the GOP there.

The latest revelations are horrific.

There’s also been a closed door meeting of the Missouri legislative committee looking at impeachment. It turns out a woman claiming abusive treatment by Greitens is different from the woman in photos Greitens took.

And Greitens’ attorney demeaned the woman claiming the woman’s husband called her “a whore.” He said that after the woman noted Greitens had called her that.

This is unacceptable. Greitens needs to go not because he is going to cost the GOP the Senate, but because he is a sociopathic monster. But for Republicans fine with that, are they fine with losing the Senate? They have multiple reasons to toss the guy ASAP.