There are a lot of Missourians still hung up on whether to impeach Governor Eric Greitens. Some of them are worried it might set a precedent to be used against President Trump. Others think Greitens is Governor and God puts leaders in their positions of authority, so who are we to be rid of him.

On the former, Greitens’ terrible behavior has spilled out after he was elected. These things were unknown before hand and his despicable behavior has continued and grown in office. The behavior Democrats wish to use against President Trump came before the election, was widely known, and the people still elected him. The subsequent allegations about collusion with Russia are just that — allegations and fan fiction of the left.

The allegations against Eric Greitens were not known when he was elected, but they are real, proven, substantive, and deeply, morally troubling.

People who hesitate on impeaching Greitens because they think God put him there, should consider the example of Saul, another leader God put into a position of authority. And yes, scripture is clear, God puts all leaders into their positions for his will.

God put Saul in charge of Israel only to take the kingdom from him. “Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, he has also rejected you from being king,” Samuel told Saul in 1 Samuel 15:23. God, through inspiring the leaders of this country, put in place the impeachment mechanisms to remove a bad leader when the time comes. The time has come with Eric Greitens.

The Mission Continues Abuse

Reporters and his opponents accused Governor Greiten’s campaign during the gubernatorial primary of raising money off of The Mission Continues (“TMC”). TMC is Greitens’ non-profit organization he founded in 2007, prior to running for office. A large proportion of Greitens’ campaign donors were previously TMC donors.

Asked by the Associated Press at the time if his campaign was using the TMC donor list, the Governor lied and said they were not. Emails were unearthed during an investigation into Governor Greitens showing this to be a lie. The Governor’s continued denial of this fact amounts to him lying to the people of Missouri and abusing their trust.

In fact, in a review of the emails obtained in discovery as part of the investigation into Greitens’ use of the TMC donor list, it became clear that the Governor had, in fact, been using the TMC donor list illegally during the campaign and signed incorrect campaign finance reports to that effect. In possession of these emails, the Missouri Ethics Commission asked the Governor how he and his campaign came to be in possession of the fundraising list. Rather than tell the truth, he instead concocted a scheme to convince his one-time campaign manager, Danny Laub, to say he’d given the TMC donor list to the campaign. As part of a settlement agreement with the ethics commission, the Governor knowingly signed a false consent agreement to this effect. Danny Laub has since testified under oath stating he believes the Governor disingenuously made him out to be the fall guy rather than accept blame for his actions.

Likewise, three people who were employed by the Governor or his campaign have testified under oath that it was Governor Greitens specifically who gave them instructions on how to get The Mission Continue’s donor list and then use the list to raise money for his campaign.

Governor Greitens has lied, abused public trust, and aided in stealing a donor list for illegal purposes based on the accounts of multiple people testifying under oath.

The Affair

Governor Greitens had multiple sexual encounters with his hairdresser while married with children. The situation turned violent.

The woman told lawmakers that in March 2015, as she tried to leave the basement of his St. Louis home, Greitens grabbed her in a “bear hug” and laid her on the floor. Then he started fondling her, pulled out his penis and coerced her into oral sex while she wept “uncontrollably.”

The woman told the committee that Greitens had led her down to the basement, taped her hands to pull-up rings, blindfolded her, spit water into her mouth, ripped open her shirt, pulled down her pants and took a photo without her consent.

He threatened to make the photos public if she ever told anyone about their encounter, and called her “a little whore,” the woman told lawmakers.

After her hands were freed, she said she felt she had no other choice but to perform oral sex if she was going to get out of the basement.

The woman and Greitens had several sexual encounters over the next few months in 2015, she testified. Some were consensual. Others were not.

On at least three occasions he hit her.

Following revelations of the affair, Governor Greitens went on an apology tour, meeting individually with a huge number of Republican legislators. Many said they were willing to stand by Greitens if this affair was a unique mistake and that none of the other rumors at the time swirling were true (blackmail, violence, other affairs, etc). In each instance, Greitens lied to the members of the Missouri legislature telling them emphatically that there was no other “shoe to drop.” The shoes have not stopped dropping.

Governor Greitens has committed adultery, blackmail, violence against women, and lied repeatedly to save himself.

The Sociopathic Response

Governor Greitens has engaged in these activities, all the while calling the entirety of the Missouri Legislature “corrupt” “liars” and “sociopaths.” He made no distinction as to any particular member when he did so and used them as blanket terms to describe all “career politicians.” He and his attorneys have sought to malign the Republicans in the legislature looking into him, the victims of his abuse, and anyone who dared to testify against him.

His actions do not just reflect the behavior of a cornered predator, but of a deeply sociopathic individual. He has borne false witness against others in order to make himself look good.

The people of Missouri deserve a good and moral leader. They thought they had one in Eric Greitens, but it is more and more clear he cheated to win in ways no one knew about and, since his election, has behaved in morally offensive ways.

The people of Missouri have the right and ability to remove an immoral sociopath from office. They can and should do so. Greitens has flouted the moral law and Missouri law for long enough. “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Proverbs 29:2) The people of Missouri should stop groaning and exercise righteousness by impeaching Governor Eric Greitens.