If it isn’t a gun, it would be a knife. If not a knife, it’d be car. If not a car, it’d be homemade pipe bombs. People are desperate to grasp onto something to stop the monstrous kids who storm into schools to gun down their peers. Getting rid of guns is a tangible thing that people think they can do in an age of “just do something” self-help that would make the situation better.

This situation is not getting any better. Ban the guns and the next kid will find a new way to make headlines killing the other kids he hates. Point to other countries all you want with exasperated angst that “it doesn’t happen there” and you’ll just be noting that we are not them and our problems are not their problems.

Our problem is that you have been at war with God and what we are seeing is a world where God has handed us over to ourselves. He has removed the protection he once offered and now we get to see what happens when God turns his back. You may call it crazy if you are not a believer, but for those of you familiar with Romans 1, well, you’re looking at it.

And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless.

God is not mocked and our society has been mocking him for some time. From the collapse of the family; to a culture of death that champions abortion on demand; to a growing hostility towards people of faith; to championing deviancy while normalcy is defined a deviant; to attacks on the two parent, heterosexual nuclear household; to porn culture, our society is rotten and these things happen in rotting societies.

This has always been under the surface. Now it is boiling out because God has handed us over to ourselves. Sure, you can say other nations without God are better. You can say that. But in Britain they have knifings on the street. In Iran they’re stoning people to death. Throughout western culture, societies are dying off as people have given up on procreation, distracted by the world. Our particular culture is more and more cruel. Your comparative culture studies only hide the problems in other countries as your own country’s problems are magnified. Additionally, you ignore that guns are embedded into the founding of culture unlike other countries. We have gun ownership as a constitutional right. Looking to other countries without that for solutions or to claim they’re better than us because their problems are not guns just distracts from the issue. Ours is an armed society that is morally collapsing and you can’t round up the guns even if you wanted to.

We have determined that mothers and fathers are interchangeable or don’t even matter. We have determined that sexual expression is the height of society. We have determined that humanity and personhood are severable. Frankly, even lax European cultures have less of a culture of death than we do. We stand almost alone in the West in liberal abortion policy.

You people want government to ban guns because government is your god. You want government to just do something, anything, because you think government can solve the problems of brokenness. We are a broken culture and our government just reflects that. You on the left have gotten increasingly angry because you assumed if you controlled government you could steer culture in your direction. You thought you could stamp out injustice, inequality, and all your self-styled “phobias.” But government cannot fix these problems because government is a reflection of the people and we are all sinners. So all you’ve done is put sinners in charge of government and given them the idea that they can solve problems they can’t actually solve.

But spare me please those of you nodding along at this thinking its the “libtards” or secularists or whatever pejorative you want to you.

You’ve gone from thinking character counts to porn star sex is awesome. You put a man in charge of the country who doesn’t give a damn about the marital and family institutions you’ve been nodding along with thinking the left has destroyed. You’ve decided political expedience trumps morality and your President isn’t a priest so his behavior doesn’t matter. He’s David or Cyrus or some other divinely appointed figure.

God puts all leaders in their positions of authority. He put Barack Obama there and He put Donald Trump there. You want to give divine authority to the latter, but not the former. God also put Nero in charge, who then turned Christians into the street lamps of Rome. Spare me your outrage as you look on a society in collapse and think that a political leader can turn things around. You are doing what the left wanted done.

And now you want revival and repentance, but you probably don’t care to know your liberal neighbor any more than he cares to know you because you disagree over politics. You don’t want to find the common ground. Your moral hypocrisy is doing far more to help turn things upside down than the gay couple down the road from you.

If you want to start turning this country back and build a sense of repentance in the land, start with your own repentance and go from there. Stop cheerleading immoral bullies because they’re on your own team. Stop trying to find political leaders to fight for you instead of trusting the Almighty.

And you on the other side, recognize that all Christians are hypocrites and sinners and so are you. But the only way to turn back from the road ahead is for all of us to reclaim some level of common morality. Get to church. Get your kids to church. And love your neighbor — the actual person next door. Seek the welfare of your local community in which you are in exile before eternity and stop making Washington your idol. Washington will not change your life in the way your local community will. And if you want to stop kids from gunning each other down, build local relationship and build community and help restore local families and build communities open to outsiders. Stop thinking Washington will solve your problems for you. The guns aren’t going anywhere, but the sense of isolation and rage can go away without a government program.