I love you guys. I really do. I get attacked by my own side for regularly defending CNN. But I fell in love with you guys the moment I discovered you using an illegal scrambler to get AFRTS as a kid in Dubai. And then I’d go home to Louisiana during the summer and when my grandmother left the room, I’d turn off Young and the Restless to watch Frank Sesno, Bernard Shaw, Judy Woodruff, etc. I became a political junkie through Rowland Evans and Robert Novak. I wanted to be Larry King. Heck, I still do, but with a cooking show.

One of the great regrets of my life was leaving CNN for Fox and even that I did largely out of love for you guys. I felt terrible that y’all were always getting attacked over something I’d said or tweeted and with my radio show I figured I should distance myself for your sake and for mine. But Fox never felt like home.

Now, I get to go back on CNN and it’s awesome. In the Atlanta bureau, many of the same people are there. They chat like I had never left. My office is now the makeup room. Studio 7 is used mostly by HLN. But it feels like home.

I say all that to say you are owed some criticism and I want to focus on just the last seventy-two hours to make the point. We’ll ignore the gun control agenda where you’re putting weights on the scale against fair coverage. Let’s just consider two stories.

The first is this one. There is not a damn soul on planet earth who really cares about this story. In fact, no one any one has ever heard of is really outraged by the story of Ivanka Trump embracing her 2 year old. The only people available to discuss this were two CNN staffers who surely are mature enough not to be upset by this. If they are upset by it, they probably don’t need to work at a responsible network like CNN.

The second story is this one.

This isn’t news. This is catering to a leftwing fan base to attack the President. It’s Resistance Fan Fiction — Fifty Shades of Lefty B.S. I have tremendous respect for both of the anchors, but they had no business covering this story. People attracting attention to themselves on social media to make it all about them really is not a story in 2018. It’s an every minute occurrence.

CNN, you claim to be unbiased, but your biases are showing. You seem to be trying to boost your ratings by catering to left-wing fan fiction about the President and his family while trying to also maintain your veneer as an objective news organization.

I think that in trying to cater to leftwing fan fiction through twitter generated outrage stories, you’re playing at being a Buzzfeed of TV, which your own network President thinks isn’t really news. Perhaps you are now taking the “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach, but in so doing you are degrading your quality.

There is real news in the world, CNN. Believe it or not, there is a lot of real news that does not involve the President. Your relentless quest to fill the void by nickel and diming the Trump outrage machine does your network, your anchors, your reporters, and reputation a real disservice.

Frankly, for those of us on the right who have long been fans and regularly defend your anchors and reporters, you’re making it much more difficult because you’re exposing that you really do have an editorial agenda and bias overwhelmingly sympathetic to the left in America.

I want back the CNN that reports the news and I want you guys to abandon the Buzzfeed-esque/Huffington Post habit of covering the Twitter outrage of the day as if it is real news when so often it is not.