This is just horrific. Shaun King, the Black Lives Matter activist, has been on social media attacking a police officer in Texas. King claimed the officer kidnapped and raped a lady then held her in jail while the officer deleted his own social media profiles to avoid people targeting him.

King named the officer and claimed to know the “victim’s” lawyer. The victim, Sherita Dixon-Brown, claimed the Texas State Trooper had handcuffed her, put her in the officer’s patrol car, then raped her, after pulling her over claiming she was driving while intoxicated.

The Texas State Patrol released the body and dashboard camera footage of the incident to prove Sherita Dixon-Brown lied. But before they could, Shaun King started trying to generate an online mob to target the police officer, who he named in an effort to expose the guy.

Alex Griswold has screenshots of King stirring the online mob:

At least King finally retracted the story. But yet again a leftwing activist has tried to use social media to destroy a person’s life over false accusations.