The Facebook Story is Horse Poop


You used Facebook. Facebook did not hire private investigators to go find your data. You used it. Not only did you use it. You used it for free. You put all that information in there. You decided to overshare. You decided to take stupid quizzes to find out which Disney Princess you are. Facebook did not make you do it. They did not hold a gun to your head. You did it and you did it willingly.
Facebook is not a charity. They sold ads to you and used your personal data that you willingly submitted to help the best advertisers connect to you.
This story is about your abdication of responsibility and willingness to blame a corporation for your propensity to overshare your life on a massive, international social media platform instead of having real people over to visit with. This is on you.
And had Hillary Clinton won, this would not be a big, national news story. This is only a big national news story because Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are still desperately trying to escape blame for what a terrible candidate they chose. First it was James Comey’s fault she lost. Then it was the Russians. Now it is all of that and that Facebook gave a Trump affiliated company your data. It is never on Clinton. It is never on them.
This whole story is horse poop. Democrats did the same thing, but Trump’s campaign did it better. Democrats got the same data, but Trump processed it better. Cambridge Analytica actually did not do as competent a job as they claimed. But someone has to be blamed.
On top of that, Facebook changed its algorithm to let you overshare more info with your friends instead of seeing news feeds. The result is that news organizations’ traffic from Facebook is down. Instead of building competent news organizations and websites, news organizations relied on Facebook to send them traffic. They got lazy and are now being hurt. So, again, just like you overshared, news organizations got lazy and relied on Facebook. Now the media that got lazy and the people who overshared on a free platform do not want to take responsibility for themselves. So they’re blaming Facebook, which did nothing wrong.
This story is horse poop and would not be happening if Hillary Clinton had won and if the news algorithm had not changed in such a way that news organizations are now mad at Facebook.

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