Remember the pink haired, liberal, gay dude who confessed all his sins about Cambridge Analytica? He is James Comey.

What happened in that story was a leftwing guy got embedded among conservatives. Those conservatives beat the left. So the guy had to tell the left the leftwing fan fiction they wanted to hear about the evil conservatives and Mercer family in order to be welcomed back into polite society.

Everything you knew just had to be true was true in his telling. He was a genius and the Cambridge Analytica team did massively illegal things to cause Trump to win and he is so sorry. Never mind that it simply wasn’t true and Cambridge Analytica really did nothing majorly unique and certainly didn’t do anything illegal with the Facebook data.

This is the story of confession and repentance that had to be told so the guy could rejoin his tribe.

That is what is happening with Comey. Everything you believe is true in your fan faction is true if that will help Comey be welcomed back into polite society without the scorn of causing Hillary to lose.

This is, let us not forget, the man the left blames for Hillary’s loss. How ever will he be welcomed back into polite society and allowed to walk the halls of Ivy League campuses without being assaulted? By telling the left what they want to hear about Trump.

Comey’s book is an act of confession and redemption. The truth does not matter. What the left wants to be true is what matters. He will tell them what they want to hear and maybe then he can go teach at Harvard without Black Lives Matter and the women-gender studies professors protesting.