The American Media Participates in the Degenerate Political Tone


I keep hearing presidents of various news organizations lamenting the tone of American politics these days. Some of them openly question the role their networks have played and are playing in the increasingly degenerate, in your face political discourse of American politics.

Look no further than the media’s treatment of Adam Rippon. He’s a gay figure skater, which is not as new a thing as the media would have you believe. But what sets Rippon apart is that he has been openly critical of Mike Pence. Rippon did not medal in the Olympics, but you’d be hard pressed to figure that out given the media’s treatment of him. Several outlets have even started referring to him as a “media darling.”

And he is. But not for ice skating.

Or consider Chris Cuomo of CNN berating Ted Cruz for not showing up on his show to allow Cuomo the opportunity to grand stand on gun control. Cruz gave a 15 minute exclusive to CNN, but it was not Cuomo’s exclusive so he attacked Cruz. Others at that network claimed Cruz feared CNN and would not come on. But, again, Cruz gave them an interview that they did not run.

Or consider the Russian investigation. 13 Russians were indicted and the bulk of the media coverage has centered on their purported support for Donald Trump. But both a Facebook executive and the Deputy Attorney General pointed out much of the activity happened post election. The Russians wanted to drive up dissent and division in the United States. The media is willfully and gleefully participating in this.

Social media has allowed us to see many reporters unmasked as the progressive activists they really are. Increasingly, it looks like that progressive activism goes all the way to the top. There are serious, credible journalists across news organizations and they are increasingly being drown out of the conversation by the antics of their bosses and others within their networks.

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