In Alabama, based on the standards Donald Trump himself claimed in 2016 when he took Juanita Broderick and Paula Jones to a debate, there are credible accusers who claim Roy Moore did inappropriate things with minors back in the day. His supporter dismiss the accusations using the same standards the Democrats used back in the day including the “even if he did it it was okay” excuse. “And the other guy is so terrible we have to stand with him anyway.” Allegedly. “But you can’t believe the accusers because they are lying whores and a Russian twitter bot proved it.” “Gloria Alred.” “So you want a pro-abortion Democrat elected, Mr. Erickson?”

In Washington, Al Franken and Trent Franks are announcing they are going to resign, but not immediately. They will hang out at least until after January 3rd so they can rack up another year in the congressional pension fund. More are coming. Al Franken is out not because he thinks he did anything wrong, but because Democrats needed to toss him in order to take a talking point away from the GOP in Alabama. If the Democrats were a few seats shy of a majority and Franken were in a Republican state, the Democrats would be circling the wagon.

John Conyers is gone and the Congressional Black Caucus is screaming racism.
Blake Farenholt is still there and needs to be tied down on the National Mall, his head covered in honey, and fire ants poured down his pants. A young lady who hoped for a career in politics is left to depend on family and babysitting gigs because she reported him. Will the Republican women in the House demand he leave?

And all the while Donald Trump is in the White House, a man who cheated on multiple wives and bragged about how celebrities can grab women by their genitals. I have listened to that tape again and it is clear he wasn’t talking about himself in particular (though how else would he know), but was talking about celebrity men in general. Turns out that is true.

While NBC News executives are lecturing us about all of this, they’re covering for Matt Lauer. Hollywood is lecturing us from stages at awards shows while sitting next to child molesters, rapists and others knowingly keeping quiet about them. Bryan Singer has been making movies and raping boys. Allegedly. Yes, we have to throw around the world allegedly for people like Bryan Singer and David Geffen and a bunch more people until more people come forward, but read the Hollywood gossip blogs about those men and more.

Oh, and hey! While we are at it, we have a bunch of preachers damning themselves by leading God’s flock astray making their moral crusade wholly political. If you aren’t for the alleged kid toucher, you hate Jesus and judge not lest ye be judged. We’ll completely take scripture out of context and twist it just so to fit our ends like the devil tempting Jesus or Eve recounting God’s command about the forbidden fruit.

Politics in America is gross and degrading. I make a living keeping up on politics and writing about politics and we are at a sick point in American culture. I’m also pretty sure we’re headed for a war — a bad one that will kill lots of people. And the Democrats will blame Trump even though I doubt it will be his fault. The Democrats are blaming Trump for everything these days while Republicans would rather a kid toucher than a Democrat go to Washington.

I used to tell people I thought there’d be more people in Heaven than I wanted and a lot less there than other people think. Now I think God could rightfully just put up a no trespassing sign at the pearly gates. We live in fallen and depraved times. And here’s what you need to remember: politics is reflecting culture. Culture is not reflecting politics. Matt Lauer is a leading indicator of political rot, not a lagging indicator, because Lauer is in pop culture.
There will be more Frankens and Franks and there will be more Lauers and Weinsteins.

And what will our children learn? Probably that our child molester is better than their child molester instead of the real lesson they should learn: hell fire is real and we should take comfort that a lot of people will burn unless they repent because that means God is truly just. Though they may get away with it in this lifetime, the moral cretins will not get away with it in the next. Until then, we could all use a shower, separately, to wash off the stench of American politics and pop culture rot. America has not been made great again and is not being made great again. It is being made into something unrecognizable to and irreconcilable with the Founders’ vision. Are you not entertained?