I have some gift ideas for you for Christmas. You can get them all from Amazon and they can be here in time for Christmas.

If you have someone who loves coffee, get them a subscription to Moustache Coffee. It’s wonderful, freshly roasted coffee.

My wife and I are on our third one of these Cuisinart coffee makers. It has a built in grinder so you can get very, very fresh coffee. We love it.

If you want large cuts of meat, give my friends at E3 Meat Company a try. I love their meat.

Likewise, if you want a big order of food, go to Omaha Steaks and put my first name, “ERICK”, in the search bar. You can get $199.00 worth of food for less than $50.00.

If anyone in the family needs a new travel bag, I use Away Travel bags, which come with a built in rechargable batter and USB outlets so you can recharge your phone while waiting at the airport.

If you’ve got someone in the family who needs great dress shirts, I love Mizzen+Main. They make comfortable clothes that don’t wrinkle.

My favorite cookbooks:

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, which I got earlier this year and have been working my way through.

Deep Run Roots, which I got for Christmas last year and is excellent.

Smitten Kitchen Everyday

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime

Essentials of Italian Cooking — I cannot recommend this enough. Get it and work your way from cover to cover.

Franklin Barbecue, which is just a great read in and of itself.

The South’s Best Butts. Basically, any of Matt Moore’s cookbooks is awesome, but this is his latest.

Other books:

Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson.

Grant by Ron Chernow.

Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans by Brian Kilmeade.

Before You Wake by me.

Other stuff:

The Sony a7rii is my favorite camera hands down. If you follow me on Instagram, most of my pictures are taken with it.

This is a very versatile lens to go with it. This is my absolute favorite lens.

If you want a great introductory camera with swappable lenses, get the Sony a6000. It is less than $500.00 and can use the great e-mount lenses from Sony. It also does good video.

The Apple airpods are my favorite Apple product other than the iPhone X. They are wonderful and just plain work. I highly recommend them.

I really like the Amazon Echo and use it way more than I expected for streaming music and for doing rudimentary things like kitchen timers.