I have noticed a recurring pattern with Carly Fiorina. She gets on a debate stage, has a forceful performance, then disappears again.

There are six weeks until the next Republican debate. Chris Christie fell to the kid table debate and was able to rebound. Carly Fiorina started out at the kid table and made her way to be the grown up in the room on a host of issues. But her candidacy has failed to pick up significant traction.

At this point, it seems her continued anemic presence would even preclude consideration for a veep slot. If you can’t get a pulse in the primary, there is not a lot of justification for it. She has had so many people rooting for her, has impressed so many people, but has failed overall to get the traction she needs.

Her campaign strategy at this point seems to be lots of Fox, combative rivalries with The View, and small, under the radar events. I would suggest the Fiorina campaign retool over Christmas and come out forcefully after the first of the year with a series of high profile, well orchestrated policy speeches. If she’s going to stay in, she needs to not keep going into the witness protection program after debates.