Even the Washington Post thought their editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes had crossed the line. She drew Ted Cruz’s children as monkeys, justifying it by claiming Ted Cruz used them as props.

Candidates always feature their children in advertising and in campaigns. Bill and Hillary Clinton trotted out Chelsea Clinton. Now Mrs. Clinton brings up her grandchild on the campaign trail and is expecting a second grandchild. Children are always present and candidates would no doubt get attacked if they hid their children.

Ann Telnaes thought Ted Cruz’s kids were fair game not because they were in an ad, but because it was Ted Cruz and they were in a Ted Cruz ad. Not only did she decide that made them fair game, she thought she could draw them as monkeys. And I have no doubt if Ted Cruz were black and not Hispanic, Ann Telnaes would have done the same thing and the left would have defended her even then.

Good on the Washington Post for allowing her to go there.