The Wall Street Journal’s editors have routinely assailed conservative positions, conservative politicians, and conservative voters. According to the editorial board, conservative voters are hobbits; conservative politicians are irrational; and conservative positions would lead to Wall Street being forced to compete instead of relying on government subsidy. The Journal’s editorial board has also been exceedingly interventionist in all aspects of foreign affairs.

If conservatives take a position these days, no matter how reasonable, Paul Gigot and his gang at the Journal find a way to take a steaming dump on it if it dares challenge the position of Republican leaders. Being the mouthpiece of Republican leaders in Washington, the Wall Street Journal editorial board swallows any line of bull fed to them by GOP leaders and, if you do not do the same, uses their editorial space to ridicule you as a rube, hobbit, or worse.

Ted Cruz has been a particular target for the Journal. The editorials against Cruz read like they were hand delivered by Mitch McConnell’s office, or in the present case Marco Rubio’s campaign. Their latest assails Ted Cruz for thinking we should stay out of Syria’s civil war instead of trying to topple the Assad regime. They also pick up the Team Rubio attack on Ted Cruz for “opposition to the National Security Agency’s bulk telephony metadata collection programs.”

These are talking points straight from Team Rubio. The Journal, which always picks the side of the GOP Establishment, has decided that Rubio, not Jeb Bush, is their guy and they must now spill as much ink as possible to stop his biggest threat — Ted Cruz.

Consider that a very strong endorsement of Ted Cruz. If the Journal’s editorial board is against him, he’s probably awesome.

Frankly, I’d love either Rubio or Cruz. I think both are terrific. But we know going forward the Journal’s editorial board is going to be a really cheap date for anyone peddling anti-Cruz talking points.