The Shot Spot and the New York Times Newspaper


I was in Carrollton this weekend for my son’s and wife’s birthdays with my in-laws. There is a great gun store and range about a half-mile from my in-laws called Shot Spot. The range is brand new and I got my wife and me both memberships a month or so ago. When we are in Carrollton, I go down there to shoot on the weekends.

I decided it would be funny to shoot holes in the already hole ridden editorial from the New York Times and went in search of one in Carrollton. I walked into a local store that suspected would have one and was recognized by the store manager. He spoke for a minute and when I started to pick up the Times, he asked me why on earth I’d want that.

I told him what I intended and he got a good laugh, then gave it to me on the house. Free range targets are the beset.

I went over to Shot Spot, got Lane 8, loaded 7 bullets in my Glock 19 Gen 4, and fired. The range master and I had a great laugh about it. A store employee wanted a picture. I sat down — as an aside, for a gun range the Shot Spot has a great lounge area — wrote up my piece, and pushed it out.

The rest is history.

If you are ever in the Carrollton, GA area, I highly recommend the Shot Spot. They’ve got a great selection of guns, clothes, and a really awesome range. Lane 8 is now kinda the New York Times lane.

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