Well the last eighteen hours or so has been interesting. Hollywood actors to “journalists” have been outraged that I dared put bullet holes in the front page editorial of the New York Times. I’ve been denounced as a psycho, called angry, and told that this action is further proof we need gun control.

All I did was put seven bullet holes in a New York Times editorial from top to bottom. I guess I should again point out that I wasn’t going for a grouping, but top to bottom coverage.

In any event, the left seems more outraged by me putting bullet holes in a newspaper than they are terrorists shooting up a place in California. They are positively enraged by it. Had I put a statue of Jesus in a jar of urine or burned an American flag, they’d call it free speech and art. But this — this was an atrocity. It is as if I shot a person.

The hilariousness of this has been on display for the last few days.

When I pointed out the other day that we haven’t had these sorts of shootings before the Age of Obama, the left flew into outrage mode.

According to the left, we actually have had fewer shootings in the Age of Obama.

Well then, I pondered, why do we need more gun control if these shootings are already on the decline?

That just flew them into further rage and name calling.

It really is a cult like experience to see a group of people see a terrorist attack and their solution after it is the same as before it — gun control. The left has closed itself off to any ideas, but those in their own echo chamber now. Gun control and carbon taxes will solve all the world’s problems.