Within hours of the shooting in California, the left was blaming Republicans and Christians. The media speculated that the shooter was white. But it turns out to be another round of Islamic radicals.

The name of one of the suspects was out there for hours, but only Fox News was willing to report it. The rest of the media, until they could do it no longer, kept pounding on about gun control. Unfortunately, it became obvious that this was more than a random act of violence.

So the obvious happened. On CNN, a talking head openly speculated that the Islamic radical wasn’t a terrorist, just offended by having a holiday party. Others suggested it just had to be workplace violence.

No doubt the shooter had gone to his office holiday party and did not like the reception his homemade clock got. So he came back with two friends, a few AK-47’s, some face masks, and shot the place up.

It really is a study in contrasts. Last week, the media blamed videos and Christians for three deaths in Colorado. Now, they are struggling to find a reason for the deaths in California, but they are absolutely sure it can have nothing to do with terrorism or radical Islam. Only Christians shoot places up.

Just remember, the moment it turns out the killers yelled “Allahu Akbar,” this becomes a workers comp case for workplace violence.