It was always such crap. When a conservative dared criticize the record of a moderate incumbent, the moderate would turn up his nose, raise the octaves of his voice, and declare that the conservative was breaching Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment.

“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

It was always a one way street. It was always used as a tool to lash out at conservatives who failed to keep an establishment oriented line. Ironically, the rule was actually created by California Republican Party Chairman Gaylord Parkinson, who decided the liberal Republican attacks on conservatives were getting out of control. After the Barry Goldwater loss, Parkinson proposed it.

Now the moderate and liberal Republicans hide behind it as a shield.

It was something reporters would ask to make candidates look bad or to make them seem distant from their god-man Reagan.

It’s dead now. Donald Trump killed it. We should thank him. The Republican establishment is in a full throated meltdown over Trump. He is attacking them. They are attacking him. They are losers. He is unhinged.

It’s all very un-11th commandment. Good riddance. We should not mourn its passing. It was always crap anyway.