Sponsorship Opportunities for the New Site


As I’ve mentioned, this site is morphing into something new on January 4th. I won’t be doing traditional advertising or Google ads. Instead, the site will be by weekly sponsorship. If you have a product, service, or business that would like to be a sponsor, details are below.

Weeks not listed are available. If you have a product, movie, service, or other item of interest coming in the future, you may reserve that week now in advance.


January 4: Reserved
January 11: Reserved
January 18: Reserved
January 25: Reserved
February 1: Reserved
February 8: Available
February 15: Available
February 22: Reserved
February 29: Available
March 7 and following: Available

Price: $5000.00

For the price, you get:

  • Exclusive advertising for one week beginning on Monday and concluding Sunday.
  • A front page post on Monday morning and Friday afternoon regarding your business, product, or service.
  • Inclusion of the above in the daily email read by more than 250,000 subscribers
  • The post will be accessible via Twitter on @ewerickson with more than 141,000 readers and on Facebook.
  • A mention in the daily podcast of my show, which has over 1000 listeners daily.


The sponsorship will be via a static graphic tied to a link of the sponsor’s choosing in order to avoid ad blocker software.

I will need a graphic, with a link assigned to the graphic to be referred to, in the following specs:

270px x 270px (or 540×540 for retina-ready ads). This will appear in the main loop’s content flow.

650px x 80px (or 1300×160 for retina). This appears on individual posts above the content block.

Graphics should be submitted by close of business the Thursday preceding a sponsorship week and are subject to approval.

If you are pushing a particular product or service, please let me know so that I might reference it.

Please note that site sponsorships should not be considered endorsements unless otherwise noted specifically in the sponsorship posts.

Additional Opportunities

  • Graphical ad placement is available in The Resurgent’s daily email.
  • If you are interested in advertising on the live broadcast of the Erick Erickson Radio Show, please email.

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