So Gawker decided to call my 73 year old mother about a 27 year old event and decided since she can’t remember what I was talking about, I must be a liar. My mom didn’t just tell the reporter that though. She also decided he needed Jesus. Here’s her email to me about the incident.

Son, some guy named Trotter. . .last name. . called me from NY and first of all wanted to know if I was your mother and asked if it was true that we don’t eat Asian food on Pearl Harbor Day! I told him we love Asian food and I have some lovely friends who are part Japanese but that I thought the significance of Pearl Harbor Day is sadly fading in the memories of too many folks but that I’m thankful many Japanese have accepted Christ as their Savior. . .I did talk to the guy and told him he must be a lonely man to call way down here. Anyway, I did talk to him but never said I was your mother. I asked him what he thought about the man Jesus Christ and in the end, told him I’d add him to my prayer list and that he should keep trying to contact you, who are a good Christian. I do pray for this man that he will come to know Jesus Christ as his Savior and I wished him a Merry Christmas. Just thought you should know. I guess I should have hung up on him. He called back the second time; that’s when I told him I’d add him to my prayer list and wished him a Merry Christmas.

I pray the weather will be good and not too bothersome. We keep you in our prayers. Love you.Mom