Jeb Bush is going to need to walk this back further than he tried on live television. He was sitting in the center seat on Special Report with Bret Baier and came out in favor of denying people the right to buy guys if they are on the no fly list. Steve Hayes, sitting next to Bush, was put on the no-fly list because of a trip he took that got him randomly flagged by a computer. Hayes pointed out that Bush would be taking rights away without due process, which caused Bush to try to walk it back, but not enough.

You can see the clip here with his significant caveat about an active investigation, but as Steve Hayes pointed out, Bush would not require due process.

The second amendment is a personal right and Bush would be willing to curtail that right without a due process hearing. That would be a pretty big incursion against our second amendment liberties. Denying someone the right to purchase a gun without due process is a really big deal.

Additionally, in the case at hand it would have done no good. The terrorist was an American citizen not only any list.

I don’t know that Bush has really thought this through. It did not sound like it. He needs to turn this around pretty quick.