On Tuesday, this radio website will go away. In its place will be a new home for conservatives that will be part and parcel tied into my radio show.

I have decided to call my new home “The Resurgent.” Why? Because as I head into my fifth year on radio, I find myself talking frequently about resurgent conservatives, families, culture, and Christians. My new book, You Will Be Made to Care, comes out in February (ORDER NOW) and the whole third part is about needing a resurgence of faith and values in this country.

As my radio show grows, so too will the site. Over time, I hope for it to become more and more a home for conservative activists. At the same time, I do not want to give anyone the idea that I’m entering into competition with my old home, RedState.

In my goodbye note a few weeks ago, I noted that I just want to own my site. As my radio microphone grows, I want to control the pixels that go with it. But I’m an activist at heart and this new site will reflect that.

The countdown clock is going. I’m going to step away a few days.

On Tuesday, join me at The Resurgent.