So last night Barack Obama says he has not watched enough cable television to know that Americans were upset about Paris and California. Consider that for a minute. Maybe the Democrats who whisper that he has Aspergers are right. The President did not watch enough television to understand that people were upset.

On top of that, the President today is upset about Republicans blocking climate change legislation.

In other words, he was not upset by ISIS and didn’t watch enough TV to know you were upset about ISIS, but he is really pissed about climate change.

In related news, the Adminstration shut down an investigation into several Islam groups that appear to have supported terror because the groups themselves were not on a terror list. But both the husband and wife terrorists in California were members of those groups.

Since the investigation had started in 2013, it is very possible we could have avoided the California attackin 2015 if the investigation had been allowed to continue. But the Obama Administration decided that the civil rights of the Islamic groups outweighed terror concerns.

Unreal folks. This is unreal.