Suggest another one.

Point out that what Trump is proposing is unconstitutional.

Note that he is willing to curb the first amendment just as Obama is willing to curb the second amendment.

Tell people we need not descend to the lesser angels of ourselves and hate the other side like they hate us, because that gets us nowhere.

Tell them instead that we must fight the bastards abroad lest we deal with them at home.

Tell them also we need tighter border controls and a tougher visa policy and must recognize we are at war with radical Islam, not just a bunch of killers.

Show yourself to be a leader and bold and tough, but unwilling ton sacrifice our constitution to be beat a bunch of people who hate our constitution.

But don’t just get all outraged and uppity and condescending and using words like lunatic, unhinged, and racist.

Because then you sound just like so many on the right think Barack Obama sounds and they will tune you out.

You want to beat Trump on this? Make a counter-proposal and point out strongly that we should not be curtailing or curbing the American constitution because that is what Barack Obama wants to do.

Oh, and then read Rick Wilson’s timeline