There is a growing backlash against a plan to broker the Republican convention. It was first reported last week and ever since the leaders in the party have been doing a fast walk-back.

First of all, that they openly talked about it shows just what dumbasses are involved. If they did not realize the reaction to this, they really are out of touch.

Second, if they did this, it would end the Republican Party.

The truth is, for the last several years, the GOP Establishment has incrementally changed the rules of the party to ensure that the donors and establishment would get to pick the candidate. But it has blown up in the faces. It has not worked the way they expected.

Now they are in freak out mode because of Donald Trump.

So much of the donor class and George W. Bush consultancy class lined up behind Jeb Bush. They thought he was the guy. But he has cratered. None of them seem to be able to beat Trump. About the only guy with a competitive advantage against Trump right now is Ted Cruz. The Establishment hates the guy, but they might just have to suck it up.

A brokered convention would kill off the Republican Party and be a sad finale to George W. Bush’s legacy — the very legacy causing the current turmoil. To hell with the GOP if this happens.