Congressman Hank Johnson is the congressman who famously thought Guam might tip over if we put too many American troops on it. Now, I think Hank Johnson might be calling for people to die. From the floor of the House of Representatives today, Congressman Johnson said,

“Now I do realize that some of us really don’t care whether or not mankind’s actions contribute to climate change,” Johnson said. “Some of us really don’t care, some of us don’t care to consider that 95% of scientists recognize that it’s man’s activities that are contributing to the astronomical rate of climate change that is occurring that has the potential to render our planet uninhabitable by human beings.”

“You can laugh, you can smile, you can joke, but 95% of the scientists agree that if we continue along the same path that we are continuing along that it’s the demise of humankind itself – that’s the end result.”

Given that Hank Johnson thinks opponents of EPA rules could make the planet “uninhabitable to human beings,” well then I suspect someone might hear that as a call to kill people opposed to the EPA.

At least, given what the left says about heated rhetoric, that fits the rule.

Seriously though, if these people really believe that opponents to the EPA and global warming are going to get every one of us killed, don’t be surprised when the people who do oppose the EPA start getting killed in the name of saving all of humanity.