Republicans and Democrats alike are attacking Donald Trump for suggesting we close up the country to Muslims. But it is not going to do serious damage to Trump. Why?

A prisoner released from Guantanamo Bay by Barack Obama is now an Al Qaeda leader.

Two Afghan Air Force students disappeared in South Georgia just days after the terrorist attack in California.

Former advisors to Barack Obama are now openly saying we need more forces to actually fight ISIS in the Middle East. Barack Obama won’t budge.

Senate Democrats intend to make it law that we cannot bar people from this country based on their religion, which just feeds into the notion that they are playing politics, not actually being responsible.

Finally, we now know the terrorists last week were radicalized years ago and never made it on a watch list, never popped up on the FBI radar, and had actually been planning something bigger all without detection.

When Donald Trump says no more Muslims, you may hear racism and bigotry, but a growing number of Americans seeing Barack Obama not leading are starting to think Trump’s ideas contrasted to Obama’s are better.

If you’re going to beat Donald Trump, offer up and advocate for better ideas. Don’t just call him unhinged or claim we cannot block Muslims from the country.