Another Example of Why Ben Carson Will Soon Be a Former Candidate


Ben Carson’s campaign has imploded. His debate performances sunk him. The burn rate in his campaign has been colossal. His staff are not up to getting Carson into the primaries. And Ben Carson knows it.

He said as much to the Washington Post right before Christmas.

Carson took a seat in the curve of the couch and proceeded to explain that his staffers had let him down. Spent too much money. Kept trying to get him to change — to be more pugnacious, Trump-esque, even. A shake-up would come as soon as the next day — or maybe not for a few weeks — but it would come.

Ben Carson himself said those things. He said them to multiple reporters. The reporters did what reporters do. They reported it. That picture above is Ben Carson, in his home mancave, where he did the interview with the reporters.

By nightfall, Ben Carson had walked it all back. No shakeup is coming. Does Ben Carson have Stockholm Syndrome?

You don’t give an interview to reporters, throw your staff under the bus, say a shake up is coming, then walk it all back. That plays into the already developing story that Carson is indecisive on political issues and does not have the backbone or stomach to do what must be done.

Ben Carson is an entirely likable guy. But it is increasingly obvious his days as a candidate are coming to a close.

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