Today in Macon, Donald Trump is going to be here. He will be protested by C. Jack Ellis, the former mayor of Macon, whose administration the United States Attorney accused of misusing government funds.

Mayor Ellis converted to Islam at one point, but seems to have abandoned that and claims affiliation at a Baptist church. He once pledged solidarity with Hugo Chavez. The man is a former used car salesman.

A lot of people in Middle Georgia are hurting. The economy has not been great. Much of the area is dependent on an Air Force Base for direct or indirect employment. Governments in the area are dysfunctional. A lot of people live below the poverty line. Crime in Macon in various pockets is high. Mayor Ellis got rid of the gang task force, which has let to resurgent gang activity.

People want a savior of some kind. Trump is it for a lot of people. He tells them what they know to be true and promises he can fix what so many politicians even fail to address. The critical thing to understand with Trump’s success over all and what I suspect will be an enthusiastic reception in Middle Georgia is that Trump says what a lot of these people think.

And a lot of these people have voted for politicians who implied they shared the same views, but were, for reasons of politicians, too afraid to say it. Then they got in office and denied even implying they shared a common view. Trump is willing to say it. People in Middle Georgia appreciate straight talk, so they will appreciate Donald Trump.