The Salem Witch Trials Come to College Campuses


A month ago, a student at Georgia Tech claims young men at the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house yelled racist insults to her as she walked past. The problem was the fraternity had a video surveillance system that did not show the incident at the time the student complained. Further, the windows she identified as those from which the racist insults came had been sealed decades ago and could not be opened even if the fraternity had wanted to open them.

It did not matter. In a rapid show of “caring”, the university punished the fraternity.

Now at the University of Missouri, a swastika drawn with poo on a bathroom wall has set off a fire storm. But in an age of cell phone cameras, no one has a picture except for this one off Reddit from eleven months ago. The alleged swastika comes on the heels of racial epithets being yelled at by people — again it seems most, if not all, of the witnesses were the aggrieved “victims”.

In the late 1600’s, children started accusing women in Salem of witchcraft. The area flew into a bit of mass hysteria that saw the deaths of 24 women. The children were believed and the women. But it wasn’t just chidren. Anne Hibbins sued carpenters for their shoddy work and won. She was wealthy and viewed as harsh. When she refused to apologize to the carpenters and her husband died, she was charged with witchcraft and eventually executed.

Anne Hibbins had too much rich privilege and was an uppity woman. Now, it is rich, white men who New England and academia have turned against. But again it is shoddy, often unsubstantiated allegations causing the witch trials.

Even in those cases where the allegations are more substantiated, though, the essence of the modern witch trial on academic campuses is offense. Kids on campus, offended at being offended, are making accusations about others to lead to the destruuction and livelihoods of those who’ve dared disrupt their safe space.

A college campus is supposed to be a place that challenges what you know. But not anymore. And leftist campus elites are coddling the children in the same way the Massachusetts elite coddled the children in Salem. Be rude to a student, get accused of being a witch. Care, but don’t care enough, be accused of being a witch.

Next week, the Chancellor of the University of Missouri will be taken down to the Mississippi River and anchored under water. If he lives, they’ll burn him at the stake for being a witch. If he drowns, they’ll know he was innocent.

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