One of the interesting things about both Barack Obama and George Bush is how few memoirs came out that really rocked them. Scott McClellan had his thirty seconds of fame. Bob Gates has had his. Now it is Ray LaHood’s turn. Mr. LaHood laments Barack Obama gave up on bipartisanship.

I’m actually glad he writes this.

The prevailing mythology of the Circle of Jerks is that Barack Obama tried and the Republicans rebuffed him. The evidence points to the contrary. He told John McCain to shut up because he won. He told his crowd to take guns to knife fights with Republicans and get in people’s faces. When he had a House and Senate of his own, he ignored the GOP altogether.

Obama never tried, but what people miss is that he never wanted to try. Barack Obama has intentionally deployed racism and class as weapons to divide the country and build an angry mob to get his way. He has ignored the constitutional constraints of his office knowing the GOP Establishment will roll over at every opportunity because they’re chicken.

The country is more divided today than at any time in the last thirty years and it was all intentional on Barack Obama’s part. He divided the nation as us vs. them and never, ever intended to reach across the aisle in anything other than a show for the press. That included putting a Republican in his cabinet and keeping Bob Gates, only to ignore them both.