I saw this tweet a little while ago from Stuart Stevens:

That is very strange.

There has been a lot of hand wringing from the press about the evil, awful Citizens United decision before the Supreme Court and the rise of the evil, awful Super PAC, but really, what difference has it made?

Rick Perry had a very well funded Super PAC that fell flat as he withdrew. Then there was the Scott Walker Super PAC that likewise was well funded and had even more billionaires pledged to support it than Rick Perry’s.

Right now, the Ted Cruz Super PAC has done very little. But the more egregious of them all has to be the Jeb Bush Super PAC.

What little they have done has been terrible. The ads are simply atrocious. The Bush Super PAC ad buys correspond to Bush’s popularity going down in the states where the ads have run. But they’ve also failed not only to help Jeb Bush go up in the polls, but they’ve failed to touch Donald Trump who is kicking the snot out of Jeb Bush.

The Club for Growth has been the only effective outside challenger to Donald Trump. They led the effort to reduce his standing in Iowa, did so successfully, and instead of then emboldening other groups to get in, saw the other groups dust off their hands and say, “We’ll let the Club do it.”

I do not, at this point, see a great deal of value in some of these Super PAC’s. I know one value is ground game operations and I know some of the groups are heavily investing in door to door operations. But it is going to do little good to send people door to door if by the time you’ve gotten there your candidate is toxic from the outside influences on the race.

About the only thing coming out of Super PAC’s right now are even richer consultants. We’re headed toward professional malpractice territory with some of the efforts.