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The Climate Change Conference: A Secular Day of Atonement

Every year, world leaders gather together to proclaim that we are all going to die. It is called a “climate change conference.” They tend to do it in November when it is cold and snowy and it is preceded by a month or two of cataclysmic stories to remind us that we are all going to die.

This year’s crop of stories have been to make sure we know that terrible storms are coming, droughts are coming, wild fires are coming, and violent storms are coming that will toss boulders from the sea.

The high priests of the secular religion, called scientists and politicians, will enter into a temple of government, and they will force us to sacrifice our way of life while offering up a scapegoat called a Gulfstream, that they will send off into the wild blue yonder to redeem us. That Gulfstream will be stocked with Hollywood celebrities to remind us that we must sacrifice.

Every year the secular religion does this. They worship science and mother earth and government funding grants that shape what they study and how they study and what their findings are. The findings are always the same — Western civilization must rely more heavily on solar power and wind power so the less developed world can pollute more.

The last time the Western world relied on solar and wind power, we called it the Dark Ages. To those ages we must return.

The secularists view everything as affirmation of their religion. If it snows more, that’s global warming. If it rains more, that’s global warming. If it gets colder, that too is global warming. Ice growing in Antarctica? That’s global warming. Everything is global warming.

What we also know is this — like religions of old, the sacrifices will be made and demanded and we will keep on keeping on and nothing will really change. But the secularists who believe will feel even more smugly superior.