Team Rubio Confirms Ted Cruz Has Major Momentum


I would be thrilled with either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio as the nominee of the Republican Party. Both are new faces in a sea of old school Republicans. Both, candidly, present attractive alternatives to the old, white alternative the Party of Slavery intends to offer up.

Since September, I have been saying it would wind up being a race between Rubio and Cruz. Others are now catching on. Those others include Marco Rubio’s backers, who are launching a broadside against Ted Cruz in Iowa.

The attack is against Ted Cruz on national security, as if any really think Cruz is weak on that issue. The attack risks painting Rubio as a neocon nation builder in the Bush mould, which I think hurts Rubio in a place like Iowa. Nonetheless, that the Rubio backers are now aggressively going after Cruz does one thing: it acknowledges that their private polling, which is often more reliable than public polling, confirms Ted Cruz has major momentum.

Outside of attacks on Trump in Iowa, this is the most aggressive campaign attack out there right now. It comes on the heels of the Paris attacks and is set up to show Rubio as the most capable leader on the national security front.

The new anti-Cruz ad hits the Texas senator for his support of the USA Freedom Act, which restricted the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone metadata. The spot splices together news coverage and footage from Paris last week, an image of a bomb exploding in a street and accusations that Cruz voted to “weaken America’s ability to identify and hunt down terrorists.”

“He was against intelligence gathering measures when it seemed it like it was convenient for him and his competition was Rand Paul,” Noble said of Cruz. “Now that the landscape has changed he is changing his tune.”

Rubio has attacked Cruz for the same vote.

This is not the Rubio campaign, mind you. But it is an outside Super PAC designed to aid and support Rubio. If they feel the need to attack Cruz at Thanksgiving before the Iowa caucus, they know momentum has shifted in Ted Cruz’s favor.

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