Now this is something. At that bastion of white privilege and racism, the student government has a black president and Hispanic vice president. In fact, it is very diverse. What a bunch of racists the student population is for doing this. Wow.

And now the Vice President of the student government wants something done about the First Amendment because people use it to create a “hostile” atmosphere, which is better referred to as people saying things with which she disagrees.

I’m writing my syndicated column right now and will just throw this out there, which I also said on radio.

We are tiny specks on a tiny blue orb that orbits a giant ball of plasma. If our tiny blue orb tips a few degrees over in either direction we all die. On it, we hurdle through the vast emptiness of space, a cold and unfeeling vacuum. At the end of our days, we either go live with our Creator or burn in an eternal hell. The kicker is that even if you do not believe that, you still burn for eternity, but you yourself think your end comes with you being consumed by worms and rotting.

The world is a nasty, awful, unfair place in a cold, uncaring vacuum of hostile space. The universe is not fair and life is not fair and no matter how much these students demand safe spaces, none really exist. Instead of protesting for respect or demanding fairness, they should learn the one great lesson that all must learn to have a peaceful existence until the worms return our bodies to the trees: suck it up because life isn’t fair and never will be.