So I Bought Another Gun


Between the Democrats’ continual rhetoric on gun confiscations and the terrorists more and more outgunning civilians, I decided it was time to upgrade the arsenal.

I have a Glock 19 Gen 4. I love it. I go to the range regularly with it. But I went over to The Shot Spot in Carrollton, GA this weekend. I’m there often because my in-laws live in Carrollton. I was thinking of a Heckler & Koch, but picked up the Daniel Defense DDM4 V5. It was amazingly light. I really like the feel of it. I’ve been wanting a “spooky” gun for a while. Now I have one.

When I got home, a friend recommended a bulk ammunition website, so now I’ve got a few thousand rounds of ammo coming too.

When the zombies or terrorists come, I hope to have the house ready.

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