A new Super PAC has formed to get Rick Perry back in the race.

I think Perry, if he were to play it right, might find an electorate tired and looking. But the premise behind the Super PAC is a brokered convention. That’s not going to happen. Everyone talks about brokered conventions, but they are largely a thing of past.

In other words, the premise behind the Super PAC is flawed.

They need to set about getting Perry on the ballot in SEC Primary states and that window is drawing to a close. He could conceivably ignore Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, but if he ignores March 1st, he’s out.

Then there is the issue of actually getting Perry back in the race and getting him a team and money and dealing with the lingering indictment, etc.

This is a high hill, but some of his hardest of hard core supporters never really wanted him to drop out and thought he had a flawed team around him. So now those folks are coming together to try a do over.

The clock is ticking. But I do have to say it would be nice to have a military veteran in the race who actually knows a thing or two about ass kicking.