Put Me on Team Trump Against Kasich


John Kasich’s Super PAC, taking a cue from John Kasich, has decided to launch a series of ads against Donald Trump. The first ad is basically a series of youtube clips of Trump saying stuff strung together. The advertisement is terrible.

We should not be surprised that the Super PAC of John Kasich is as terrible as Kasich himself. The ad is cheap, unfocused, and essentially putting up outrageous things Donald Trump has said, things everyone already knows, without rhyme or reason.

It’d be one thing to take the Club for Growth’s approach and put up quotes of Trump on policy matters that align him with the Democrats. But nope. The Kasich team would then have to answer for John Kasich also praising Democrats and bank bailouts and funding Obamacare.

So they went for cheap and it shows.

Put me on Team Trump.

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