Oh yes, it is a harsh and incendiary thing to say. But it is also true.

It does not mean that President Obama is happy about the terrorist attack. I have no doubt he mourns with the rest of the world. But President Obama has intentionally taken a strategy of “leading from behind” meaning he wants the United States to come at the end and play clean up. He does not want the United States leading the world.

He has consistently pulled American punches against ISIS. He has consistently turned away from helping those in harm’s way. When he has helped, the help has been half measures. President Obama has wanted to do as little as possible while still making a show of doing something.

Remember the five soldiers we were training in Syria. After it was exposed that only five had been trained, the President tried to blame everyone else. His press secretary said the President did not want to do it anyway, but was forced to by critics.

President Obama believes the world will ultimately be more safe if we are less safe and more stable if we are less stable. So he sees the terrorist attacks in France as a sign of American progress — this is some other nation’s problem now. Now France can use its weapons and its planes and its soldiers and Barack Obama can sit back and smile.

He’s fundamentally transformed the nation into a nation that waits until the battle has been fought and then comes in to claim credit. It’s what community organizers do.